Welcome to Atticus Family Law, a boutique law firm designed to serve the family law needs of the people in the Twin Cities Metro Area and the St. Croix Valley.

What is your unique philosophy that sets Atticus Family Law, S. C. apart from other family law firms?

I have been helping people with their family law issues, including divorce, custody, and child support, for more than fourteen years. Over time I have set for my firm the following mission:

As a result of all the Atticus Family Law does, its clients, its employees, and our community thrive from the delivery of superior legal services that exceed expectations.

We achieve this mission by being a good servant to our clients, like sherpa guides serve as good servants to the climbers they lead up a mountain.

For most of our clients, their legal cases loom like a mountain they have to climb over. Yet our clients are not mountaineers: they have never climbed a mountain, they do not know the best routes, there is more to carry than they can manage, and the risk of injury is great.

As a good servant to our clients, we lead our clients along the best mountain routes, help them carry their load, help them achieve their goal of crossing the mountain, deliver them to the other side without injuries, and ultimately leave them standing on their own two feet facing the right direction for their future after the mountain.

Please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,

Matthew E. Ludt, Esquire
Atticus Family Law, S. C.