About Atticus Family Law

About Atticus Family Law

Atticus Family Law is dedicated to helping families resolve their legal issues with
dignity and respect. Our attorneys work to find the best solution for you and help
families move past a difficult situation.

Family Law

We handle matters in
all areas of family law.


Decades of
experience and skilled trial expertise.

Child Custody

We will fight for your
parental rights.

Property Division

Protecting our clients’
financial rights.

Our Mission

From Matthew’s interview for the Masters of Family Law series on ReelLawyers.com

In the course of advancing excellent legal services, Atticus Family Law provides comprehensive attention, support and service from the firm’s staff and partners to address clients’ short- and long-term needs.

What does this mean for our clients? It means we use every resource and piece of information available to fight for your rights and negotiate the best possible outcome in your case. It means we will support you now with knowledgeable guidance and reliable communication, and we will support your transformation by defending your financial interests at every turn.

“Transformation, you say?” Yes! After decades of helping people overcome tough legal challenges, we know that the outcome can cause a person, or a whole family, to thrive or to fail. Knowing this, we are compelled to do everything we can to help our clients succeed in the years to come.


What’s Important to Us

  • Knowledge – Awareness and understanding of the facts, even the smallest detail, is critical to the success of any case.
  • Trust – No one wants to put their future in the hands of someone they can’t rely on or don’t trust.
  • Transparency – When you do things the right way, you should have nothing to hide.
  • Service – Our role is to help others. This is both an obligation and an honor.
  • Responsibility – When a commitment is made, it should be honored.
  • Integrity – Family law should not be used as a way to “punish” anyone.
  • Confidentiality – Your choice to keep certain personal information private should be respected.

Brand Principles

How We Live Out Our Values

  • We Use Our Experience to Benefit You: You’ll go a long way to find a more experienced boutique firm. With over fifteen years in practice, and devoted specifically to family law, we know the ins and outs of the system: we stay up to date with changes and are ready to pour over the details of your case with our well-trained eyes. Our legal services are second to none. In fact, we’re often called on to provide skilled commentary on cases throughout Minnesota. To us, that’s the bar of excellence we set, and bring to your case. You can relax — and know that you’re receiving the most experienced, qualified representation you need, along with the individualized attention you deserve (and that only a boutique firm can provide).
  • We Earn Your Trust: We go above and beyond our competitors to earn the trust of our clients both professionally and also personally. We work hard to cultivate a deep relationship, and many of our clients recommend their friends. At Atticus Family Law, we’re here to take care of you — and help you plan for the future with a trusted advocate and counsel by your side. One way we demonstrate our credibility is by being open and transparent in all communications with our clients. We want you to understand the specifics of your case and feel like the light is always turned on. We also only bill you for the work we do — there are no hidden costs, and we make every effort to communicate these clearly at the beginning and throughout the process. This means no surprises and clients who know they’re getting the very best level of personalized service and getting more value than the cost of our work. We believe trust is a two-way street. By being reliable and truthful in all our interactions, we create relationships that make our clients feel comfortable sharing all the details of their case, which in turn increases our chances of building a successful strategy.
  • We Support All Your Needs: We approach our work with a sincere concern for others. We understand that clients are more than cases. They’re human beings — and oftentimes, struggling to remain the best parents during a difficult life transition. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. Through our 360-degree commitment, we help clients who so desire ensure that their financial planning, counseling, tax concerns, and other needs are met. We develop close partnerships throughout the area so that you don’t have to handle more stress. Leave that to us. We’re here to help you build the support network you need at a critical time in your life journey. The staff and attorneys at Atticus Family Law choose to focus exclusively on family law because we want to help others. We could be doing any number of other jobs, but we are not. We have chosen to serve others, and we do so enthusiastically. Clients are typically going through a difficult time and need an attorney who will not only represent them but carefully listen to their needs. Hope, respect, and genuine concern are the key variables in our approach to helping our clients with their goals. Community is vital since we wish to contribute to its improvement. By acknowledging our connection to the community, we better ourselves and our services by learning from our mistakes and those around us. We are ourselves a community, and we know that our contributions are exponentially greater by our teamwork. That’s why our firm warmly welcomes potential, new, and returning clients and their teammates.
  • We Bring Mastery And Determination to Every Case: We recognize that clients hire us because they need a competitive attorney who knows how to strategize and actively works with them toward their goals. This is the source of our determination: knowing that we have the power to help others. Yet we don’t stop there—we exceed our clients’ expectations by going above and beyond. Our firm is determined to provide the best assistance by employing our carefully designed strategy specific to your case. The attorneys at Atticus Family Law are confident in their abilities with years of rigorous law education and experience. We aren’t simply knowledgeable in law—we have achieved mastery because of our high standards that seek perfection.
  • We Operate Like Ninjas: By choosing our firm, you are choosing to hire experienced, insightful attorneys who can see past the surface to the intersections of facts, people, and the law. The way we navigate cases is cautiously but productively: we analyze the situation but make aggressive moves when necessary. Our keen attention to all details of your case allows us to better predict what strategy is best. We strive to work honorably in the family law profession, highlighting integrity as essential to doing good work. Confidentiality and privacy are important aspects that we’ve identified as necessary for a client’s trust.

Why You Should Hire Atticus Family Law

Here at Atticus Family Law, we strive to be savvy legal advocates for our clients in practice areas limited to family law. By narrowing our focus, we are better able to assist clients with their specific needs and continually build our experience and knowledge. This is done to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality of service. That’s why we carefully select which clients we serve.

When deciding on which clients we will assist, we consider a variety of factors. We take into consideration communication, since our ability to successfully solve your legal matters hinges on the communication between the client and the attorney. We also wish to uphold our ethics when taking care of legal matters. We hold our clients’ goals in high esteem and therefore avoid clients who are attempting to use the legal system to harm another person.

Our firm values your time and prides itself in our high quality of work. To maintain this, we limit the number of cases we take on at one time. You’ll be satisfied that an upbeat attorney with a positive outlook is here to represent you. If this sounds like a good fit, please contact our office today.


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