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Courtney Cain

Courtney Cain | Attorney

Courtney Cain is a dedicated family law attorney with a profound commitment to supporting clients through challenging transitions.

Courtney Cain

Courtney Cain

Courtney Cain is a dedicated family law attorney with a profound commitment to supporting clients through challenging transitions. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of St. Thomas, with minors in Business and Theology. Recognized for her academic excellence, she received the Presidential Scholarship and was an active member of the St. Thomas Softball Team. 

Courtney pursued her legal education at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where she made the Dean’s List and volunteered at the Mitchell Hamline Self Help Clinic, assisting pro se litigants with family law matters. This experience deepened her understanding of the complexities involved in family law. 

In May 2020, Courtney joined Atticus Family Law as a summer intern. By September 2020, she transitioned to the role of law clerk, excelling in legal research and writing, and producing both informative and persuasive documents for clients. Her dedication and skill led to her promotion in Spring 2023 to a supervised practitioner role under Matt Ludt. In this position, she represented numerous clients in a wide range of family law cases, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. She effectively resolved many cases through alternative dispute resolution methods. 

Courtney’s commitment to understanding the nuances of family law extended to her participation in the Domestic Abuse Legal Advocacy Clinic. Here, she underwent intensive training on domestic violence and its legal implications, particularly in court and trial settings. Additionally, she served as a case manager at Atticus Family Law, gaining comprehensive knowledge of the family law process from initial consultation to case resolution. This role allowed her to deeply understand the intersection between clients’ personal lives and the legal system. 

Passionate about family law, Courtney resonates with Atticus’s mission of “protecting the soul of the family.” She recognizes that family law issues represent significant transitions in her clients’ lives and is dedicated to preparing them for a fruitful future beyond their legal challenges. Her empathetic approach and thorough understanding of family law make her an invaluable advocate for her clients. 

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