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Aug 31 2009

Consider this family law dilemma:

Husband and wife separate at the same time they have their house foreclosed upon. They continue to share the children with each spending equal time with the children. Though each parent has now moved into a home in a school district different that the children’s current district, the children are kept in the same school for the rest of that schoolyear. By mid-summer the parties have established their own households with contacts with their extended family, significant others, with differing neighborhoods and in different school districts. Even if they agree upon joint physical custody, which parent should be deemed to host the primary residence of the children for the sake of enrolling them in that parent’s school district?  Further remember that though the parties have been sharing the children they did get divorced for a reason, which includes poor communication and the inability to agree upon issues amicably.  It is cases like this one that I have been able to represent one of the parties and assistant them in not only attempting to find an agreeable resolution but also seeking a favorable Court Order from a judge that will serve my client and the client’s children’s interests.

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