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Atticus Law Takes Individualized Approach to Family Law

Atticus Law Takes Individualized Approach to Family Law

At Atticus Family Law, we recognize that no family law case is the same. Each of our clients comes from a different background, complex situation and faces a unique set of circumstances. Given the wide range of client experiences and varying needs, we believe that a family law attorney should handle cases on a ranging basis, viewing every case as a new challenge. Mr. Matt Ludt is a leading family law attorney who utilizes his experience and knowledge to better the lives of his clients. Our attorneys are constantly searching for ways to improve our services while remaining flexible to your individual needs.

At Atticus Family Law, Every Client is Different

Recently, Mr. Ludt had an opportunity to share his wisdom. In a review of “The Value-Able Law Firm: Delivering Client-Focused, Higher-Value Legal Service for Clients and Law Firms” published on the website of the State Bar of Wisconsin, Mr. Ludt expresses his thoughts on delivering valuable legal services to clients. Mr. Ludt endeavors to make the Atticus Family Law firm a welcoming place to clients facing complex cases related to divorce, child custody and other relevant issues.

In his review, Mr. Ludt relates his experiences to those described in the book. Mr. Ludt notes that Atticus Family Law focuses on providing “the higher value service each client wants, based on the type of legal work and clients’ individual preferences,” instead of giving every client the “same higher value service.” Even if the services are of high quality, they are most effective when the client’s unique circumstances are taken into consideration. Ultimately, Mr. Ludt incorporates this vision into his own legal work, albeit differently than some law firms. He diverges from the “one size fits all” perspective, providing each client with the advice and services they need.

We Continue to Strive for Higher Quality Services

Quality services cannot be delivered to every client at the same level. It’s a subjective experience that requires attention to the client’s individual circumstances and needs. Family law cases are particularly complex since no two families are exactly alike. Furthermore, what looks like a valuable service for a client who faces a divorce looks different than that of a client wanting to adjust his parenting time agreement.

That being said, Mr. Ludt notes that some sentiments are applicable across cases. Certain conditions ring true for a number of situations. For instance, Mr. Ludt remarks that for most divorce cases, an attorney “cannot use a scorched-earth approach; most clients need to co-parent with the former partner for many years to come.” Regardless of the client’s circumstances, animosity is never a desired outcome, so Mr. Ludt takes care to handle the case with grace. Additionally, media is an inaccurate source that doesn’t do cases like divorce justice, so many clients are unprepared for what actually happens in a family law case.

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Mr. Ludt has worked as an attorney since 2003 and uses his experience to continuously improve the services at Atticus Family Law. If you need a competent family law attorney who takes an individualized approach to your case, call us today!

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February 04, 2020

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