Client Communications with Opposing Party: Second Standard

Second Standard: Take the Highroad

This blog post addresses all circumstances of communication. Given that you are reading this post, it probably means that you and the other party do not get along well in your matter. The nature of family law matters is difficult because the facts not only overlap with the law but they also overlap with emotions. It’s very easy to feel fearful, anxious, and stressed during these matters. It is also easy to speak with hurtful words, barbs and otherwise take the low road with your words and actions as a result of this anxiety.

 Reflecting back upon the second standard above, it is essential that you stand on the high road. You should remove historical concerns and emotions out of every day communication (to the extent that you can.)  There’s no circumstance where your long term goals and needs are satisfied by taking the low load. There are a hundred thousand family law cases filed every year in the twin cities metro. None of them have any party well positioned for the future and satisfied with the Judge’s decision after having taken the path of slinging mud, underhanded maneuvers, or vengeful conduct.