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What is a Child in Need of Protection Services (CHIPS)?

What is a Child in Need of Protection Services (CHIPS)?

CHIPS means a child who is in need of protection or services because the child:

  1. Is abandoned or without parent, guardian or custodian;
  2. Has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse, resides with or has resided with a victim of domestic abuse, resides with or would reside with a perpetrator of domestic child abuse or child abuse, or is a victim of emotional maltreatment as defined by statute;
  3. Is without necessary food, clothing, shelter, education , or other required care for the child’s physical or mental health or morals because the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian is unable or unwilling to provide that care
  4. Is without the special care made necessary by a physical, mental, or emotional condition because the child’s parent, guardian, or custodian is unable or unwilling to provide that care, including a child in voluntary placement due solely to the child’s developmental disability or emotional disturbance.
  5. Is medically neglected, which includes, but is not limited to, the withholding of medically indicated treatment from a disabled infant with a life-threatening condition. (reasonable medical judgment)
  6. Is one whose parent, guardian or other custodian for good cause desires to be relieved of the child’s care and custody, including a child in placement according to voluntary release by the parent.
  7. Has been placed for adoption or care in volition of law;
  8. Is without proper parental care because of emotional, mental, or physical disability, or state of immaturity of the child’s parent, guardian or other custodian
  9. Is one whose behavior, condition or environment is such as to be injurious or dangerous to the child or others
    1. An injurious or dangerous environment may include, but is not limited to, the exposure of a child to criminal activity in the child’s home;
  10. Is experiencing growth delays, which may be referred to as failure to thrive, that have been diagnosed by a physician and are due to parental neglect;
  11. Has engaged in prostitution
  12. Has committed a delinquent act or a juvenile petty offense before becoming 10 years old
  13. Is a runaway
  14. Is a habitual truant, or
  15. Has been found incompetent to proceed or has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness or mental deficiency in connection with a delinquency proceeding, an extended jurisdiction juvenile prosecution, or a proceeding involving a juvenile petty offense.
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March 27, 2018

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