Before Paternity – The Fathers’ Adoption Registry

Before Paternity – The Fathers’ Adoption Registry

If you are an unmarried father, the Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry is a way for you to be told if a petition to adopt a child that you may have fathered may be filed in the State of Minnesota.

In Minnesota when an unmarried mother wants to place a child up for adoption, she does not have to name the person she thinks in the father before an adoption can take place. But, if the father of the child has been legally recognized as the father, then has to give his okay for the adoption. On the other hand, if the father is not legally recognized, he may not ever get notice of the adoption. The Minnesota Fathers’ Adoption Registry is important because if you are properly registered with them, then you have to be given notice of the adoption. When you get notice, you can start the process to become the child’s father and be involved in what happens with the child, if you want to do that. If you are not legally recognized as the child’s father, registering with the Fathers’ Adoption Registry may be the only way to make sure you get notice if a child you may have fathered is put up for adoption. Even if you do not think the mother is going to place the child up for adoption, you should still register if you want to be absolutely sure that you can try to have a relationship with your child or play a part in any adoption process in Minnesota. The law also says that not knowing about the pregnancy or birth is not a good enough reason for not registering. For more information call the Fathers’ Adoption Registry.

Minnesota Department of Health


85 East 7th Place, 3rd Floor

P.O. Box 64882


Saint Paul, MN 55164-0882

(651) 201-5994


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July 29, 2017

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