New Law: In the spring of 2015, the Minnesota legislature made changes to family laws. It made these changes to address problems that practitioners recognized in the practice of family law.

Parents had difficulty convincing education and medical care providers for their children of the parents’ right to access the information and records regarding custody orders under Minnesota Statute §518.17, subdivisions 3 and 3(a).

The new law addressed this problem by making parental rights to the information and records a part of the court order.

There was also an issue regarding parenting time in which the presumption of 25% parenting time was perceived to be treated as a maximum rather than a minimum under Minnesota Statute §518.175, subdivision 1(g).

The new law fixed this issue by providing that the level of parenting time is presumed to be a minimum of 25% rather than at least 25%, thus potentially giving a parent more time with the child.

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