The Top Five Ways that Parents Can be Considerate and Child-Focused in Parenting Plans

 Part One: Parents support their child’s relationship with the other parent by:

  •  helping the child have regular contact with the other parent when they are not together,

  • such as by phone calls, video calls, texts, e-mail, cards, and letters.

  • speaking positively about the other parent.

  • responding positively when the child talks about the child’s time with the other parent.

  • helping the child feel good about their time with the other parent.

  • showing each other respect when attending the child’s activities at the same time.

  • supporting contact with grandparents, stepparents, and other extended family members so

  • the child doesn’t lose these relationships.

  • being flexible with parenting time so the child can take part in the other parent’s special

  • family celebrations and events.

  •  allowing the child to display pictures of the other parent and other family members

  • respecting differences in parenting styles and practices.

  • ensuring both parents have the opportunity to provide care that supports the child’s

  • development.