Q & A: What is a six month review hearing and why is it useful for Minnesota families?

The six month review hearing process is governed by Minnesota Statute §518.178. The process is intended to encourage compliance with the child support and parenting time provisions of a court order in a family law case.

A request for a six month review hearing form is attached to orders issued after January 1, 2007 establishing custody, parenting time, or child support. The form is not attached to orders modifying any of these issues or orders addressing other issues only. The form must be submitted within six months of after entry of a divorce decree or legal separation decree.

The actual hearing is then scheduled as soon as practicable and will not necessarily be within six months. At the hearing, the court must review whether the child support is current and whether both parties are complying with parenting time provisions.

The six month review for child support or parenting time can be a valuable self-remedy for parties who have recently had a support or parenting time order entered and need assistance resolving any issues. These issues could include a change in income or living circumstances for the payor of child support or payee or a lack of compliance of a party with the current decree regarding parenting time.

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