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Aug 23 2021

Should I Sell My Home After Divorce?

As the divorce process begins, many clients are concerned about how possessions will be divided between them and their spouse. Among the most valuable assets is your home, and you likely have many questions about how an estate is divided fairly in a divorce. Some couples ultimately decide to sell the home and split the sale value. If you and your spouse wish to sell your property, an agent will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis to estimate to determine a feasible sale price. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to make home improvements to boost the listing price, although every case is different. During this stage, you and your spouse will also need to make arrangements with an attorney to decide who will stay in the home until it’s sold, as well as the sale’s timing.
If you’re considering filing for divorce and are unsure what options you have for selling your house or what to do next, John Hanson, President of SPARA Realty, Inc. has the answers that you’re seeking. To read the full article click here. Then, consult with an experienced divorce attorney at Atticus Family Law. The divorce process can be tough on its own, and overwhelming with property division matters added on top. Our team provides the answers you need to finalize your divorce, so don’t hesitate to call us.
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