Why You Need To Practice Self-Awareness

Why You Need To Practice Self-Awareness

The kind of family conflict that leads one to retain an attorney can be brutal. It can demand your attention to the point where it consumes most of your waking moments. You might feel like you’re in the fight of your life, desperate for the power necessary to win.

What makes you feel powerful? Is it having the support of people who believe in you? Is it having more money to spend on the process? Is it having a kickass lawyer as your advocate?

These factors will be impactful in your case, but they aren’t the most important things when it comes to the power that helps you attain a favorable outcome. The most important factor is your personal power, and that starts with your self-awareness.

Personal Power Starts with Self-Awareness

The truth is that your support system needs guidance from you to effectively meet your needs. Without it, they’ll make assumptions and give you advice that might derail your strategy.

You might have all the money in the world, but it won’t make a difference unless you spend it wisely. This wisdom comes from your self-awareness.

You can hire an attorney known for their results. Yet, the more important factor is whether you’re getting the results that are right for you. Your attorney needs your input, and your input can’t happen without your self-awareness.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Self-awareness means taking a break from external conflict and unsolicited advice to check in and ask yourself:

  • How am I feeling right now (name the emotions)?
  • What am I needing?
  • What are my core values?
  • What goals am I trying to achieve?

When you know the answers to these questions, you’re able to take appropriate action, such as:

  • Ending an unproductive phone call because you insist on respectful communication with your coparent.
  • Telling a friend, “I’d rather not talk about it,” because you don’t want to contaminate an otherwise enjoyable outing with a bunch of drama or gossip.
  • Asking a trusted family member to watch your children for a few hours because you desperately need some time for yourself.

Power is Important

Power is important, and personal power is especially important. Don’t forget to assess your own self-awareness so you can receive the right kind of support and take action that can meet your needs and move you closer to your goals.


The Atticus Family Law Client Coach, Tara Eisenhard wrote this article. Learn more about her and our Client Coaching services by clicking here.

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January 18, 2024

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