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Whether a child custody case is part of a divorce or not, these legal matters can be highly stressful for parents. After all, your right to spend time with your child and make important decisions for their well-being is at stake. It is important to seek assistance and representation from our experienced child custody lawyers in Minneapolis as soon as possible.

At Atticus Family Law, we help many clients facing the uncertainty of a child custody case. We know how to evaluate your rights under the law and strategize the best method of achieving your goals for custody, whether it is working out a shared custody schedule and parenting plan, or fighting for sole custody when needed to protect your children. Contact our child custody lawyers in Minneapolis to learn more about how we might assist in your situation.

Handling Complex Custody Determinations

There are different aspects of child custody cases in Minnesota. The law requires you to establish an arrangement for both physical and legal custody of your children. Physical custody is the time you spend with your child, and legal custody refers to the ability to make important decisions for your child, including decisions about healthcare, education, religion, and more.

In many cases, parents will share both physical and legal custody. This does not always mean that each parent gets to live with the child 50 percent of the time. Instead, you will need to come up with a joint parenting time schedule that works for everyone involved. In some cases, the court might find it appropriate to award sole physical and/or legal custody to one parent. 

Courts make these determinations based on what the judge assumes is in the best interests of the child. Many factors can go into this determination, including:

  • The child’s age and relationships with each parent
  • Whether parents are able and willing to co-parent the child and encourage relationships with the other parent
  • The child’s connection to family members, school, church, and community
  • The geographical location of each parent’s residence
  • Any mental health or substance abuse issues of the parents
  • Any history of child or domestic abuse by the parents

This is far from an exhaustive list, as the court can consider any factor it deems relevant given the situation at hand. 

Reaching Customized Agreements

Parents know their child and their situations better than the court does. Therefore, it is almost always preferable for parents to work together to reach their own custody arrangement and parenting time schedule. Our attorneys work closely with clients to help foster out-of-court agreements regarding custody. If your case does have to go before the judge, we know how to fight for your goals and rights as a parent. 

Learn How Our Experienced Child Custody Lawyers in Minneapolis Can Help

When you are facing a child custody case, you should not wait to consult with the Minneapolis child custody lawyers at Atticus Family Law. We are ready to help, so please contact us today for more information.

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