Divorce Lawyer Hennepin County

Divorce Lawyer Hennepin County

Divorce Lawyer Hennepin County

Divorce is one of life’s more difficult transitions, but if you are facing a divorce, moving forward with careful attention and purpose is always the best strategy. Your divorce will profoundly affect not only your financial future but also the amount of time you will be spending with your children, which is why you are well-advised to work in close tandem with an experienced divorce lawyer in Hennepin County every step of the way. 

Collaborating with Your Ex

The fact is that, while every divorce follows its own unique course, every divorce also addresses the same basic elements, which include:

Each of these (as applicable) can play a determinative role in you and your children’s post-divorce future, which makes each of singular importance. If you and your divorcing spouse are able to collaborate on terms that work for both of you within each of these categories, you will be at a significant advantage. This does not, however, mean that you have to be in perfect harmony on every point from the outset – far from it. Your respective divorce lawyers will help you negotiate terms that attempt to split the difference between you. And there are also alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options like mediation that can help you find middle ground. 

In the end, most divorces are settled out of court, and yours could be, too. One important caveat for you to take into careful consideration is that, even if you and your divorcing spouse are in perfect agreement on every element of your divorce, it’s in your best interest to consult with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Hennepin County before you sign off on anything – the implications for your future are simply far too important to do otherwise. 

The Court’s Involvement

Hammering out your divorce terms with your soon-to-be-ex is not an all or nothing proposition. The more issues you can resolve on your own, the better off you’ll be. Any issues that you leave you at a standstill will be addressed by the court on your behalf. While the court bases all of its decisions that focus on your children on their best interests, it’s important to remember that, as your children’s parents, you obviously know your children far better and understand their best interests more clearly than the judge involved possibly can. This being said, if your divorcing spouse refuses to negotiate or has taken an utterly intractable stance, the best path forward is through the court. 

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Hennepin County

If you are facing a divorce or simply have divorce concerns, the formidable divorce lawyers at Atticus Family Law in Hennepin County are committed to skillfully advocating on behalf of divorce terms that support you and your children’s best future. We’re here to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information today.

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