Divorce Lawyer Near Minneapolis

Divorce Lawyer Near Minneapolis

Divorce is a difficult transition in the best of times. Further, the terms of your divorce will significantly affect you and your children’s post-divorce future. If you’re facing a divorce, the matter is too important to leave to chance – you should consult with an experienced divorce lawyer near Minneapolis today.

The Terms of Your Divorce

Your divorce will not look exactly like anyone else’s, but it will address many of the same terms, including:

Each of these will play a critical role in you and your children’s post-divorce lives.

Finding Common Ground

If you and your divorcing spouse can find middle ground regarding each of the components of your divorce, you’ll be able to make quick work of the matter. Often, however, couples experience a sticking point in one area or another. For example, you may be in complete agreement on every issue except the division of your marital property. The more terms that you and your spouse can hammer out on your own, the less legal assistance you’ll need – and the less chance there is that you’ll need the court’s intervention. 

The Steps Toward Resolution

After you and your spouse have put your respective shoulders into finding compromises on all the terms you need to address, it’s time to reevaluate. If there are undecided terms remaining, your respective divorce attorneys can attempt to negotiate terms on your behalf. If this fails to completely resolve the matter, you can move forward to mediation. At mediation, a professional mediator – who is also a neutral third party – will help you explore alternative resolutions to those divorce terms that remain unresolved. 

The Court’s Role

If you and your divorcing spouse are unable to find viable resolutions to each remaining term of divorce, you’ll need to turn to the court to intervene on your behalf. Ceding your decision-making ability to the court is obviously not an easy choice, but if you have run out of options, it’s important to move forward with confidence and purpose. 

Your dedicated divorce lawyer will help ensure that you present your most robust case to the court – in support of terms that truly honor you and your children’s best interests. There is no reason to beat yourself up about this. The fact is that if your divorcing spouse and/or his or her divorce lawyer chooses to be difficult, there is very little you can do about it, and simply giving in to their demands in the name of compromise is not likely to be helpful. Look to your dedicated divorce lawyer to help you see the bigger picture, compromise where appropriate, and stand firm in the face of unreasonable demands. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Divorce Lawyer near Minneapolis

The dedicated divorce lawyers at Atticus Family Law – near Minneapolis – are well prepared to help you successfully address your divorce concerns and to employ their reserves of experience in pursuit of divorce terms that work for you. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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