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Getting a divorce is always a stressful time. Not only are you dealing with the emotional impact of your marriage ending, but you also need to take the proper steps to complete the legal process. Minnesota law governs the divorce process in our state, and it is all too easy to make an error that deprives you of the outcome you deserve under the law. It is always best to seek help from experienced divorce lawyers near Grant as soon as you know divorce is impending. 

The legal team at Atticus Family Law represents clients through every step of their divorce cases. We can evaluate your situation and assist you in designing a divorce strategy that both protects your rights and saves resources whenever possible. Please contact our office directly if you would like to learn more. 

What is Required for a Minnesota Divorce?

Not everyone automatically qualifies for a divorce in Minnesota. First, one or both spouses must have been living within the state for 180 days before they can file for divorce. One spouse must file a petition with the proper court, citing that the marriage is irretrievably broken. You must then figure out how to practically and legally separate your lives in accordance with Minnesota law. 

Working for a Favorable Outcome in Your Divorce Case

Ending a marriage is more than just moving out and being able to legally remarry someone else. The law requires you to legally separate your lives, decide how you will share what you cannot separate (i.e., your children), and ensure that each spouse has a fair and reasonable financial outcome. Specifically, some issues involved in Minnesota divorce cases include:

  • How you will equitably divide all of your marital property, assets, and debts
  • How you will share custody of your children, including the time you spend with your child (physical custody) and your ability to make important parenting decisions for your child (legal custody)
  • Whether one spouse needs financial support from the other (spousal maintenance) until they can adequately support themselves
  • Whether one spouse will pay child support to the other due to a discrepancy in income or custody obligations

It may be the case that you and your partner are on reasonable terms, and you can determine how to resolve these issues before you file for divorce. In this situation, we can help you draft your agreement and submit it to the court for approval. 

If there is one or more sticking point between you, however, we have the tools to work toward a resolution that is favorable and agreeable. We can assist with mediation, negotiation, and more. If you still cannot agree, we will represent you in court so you can bring the issue in question to trial.

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Atticus Family Law represents clients going through a divorce, and we strive for the best possible outcome in every case. Contact us to speak with our divorce lawyers near Grant about your case.

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