Divorce Lawyers Stillwater

Divorce Lawyers Stillwater

Divorce Lawyers Stillwater

From the moment you hear the word “divorce,” even if you’re the one saying it, it can feel like the word “control” has also completely slipped your vocabulary. Suddenly your head and heart start spinning, and you wonder if anything will ever feel the same anymore. It may not, and that may not be a bad thing. In many cases, divorce is a fresh start and an opportunity to rebuild your life in a healthier way. The Stillwater divorce lawyers at Atticus Family Law see this every day and are here to help you resolve your divorce as favorably as possible.

It’s difficult to feel in control during a divorce. These are big decisions ahead, many of which could affect fundamental aspects of your life. When your marriage gets put before the courts, it can feel like you are handing over some decision making to someone else. Fortunately, in many cases, it’s possible to avoid this uncertainty with the assistance of an experienced family lawyer. In many cases, we can help you reach a settlement agreement with your spouse that allows you to decide on issues like the division of property and child custody yourselves. If we can’t, we are skilled litigators that will aggressively protect your rights in court.

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Divorce Matters to Consider

In the Stillwater divorce process, there are as many things to consider going on in your life. Your finances, your property, your custody of your children, if you have any, and your basic standard of living may be up the air. It will be the same for the other party.

These are the things you want to begin preparing for when you are thinking of divorce:

  • Child custody and access – make detailed notes on who is doing what now
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Financial disclosure – be sure you know all you need to, or start looking
  • Spousal support
  • Complex assets – Stocks, 401k, pensions, begin making a list

Even matters such as a pension can be disputed in court; it happens every day. Don’t fall victim to just overlooking something because you can’t be bothered to get the paperwork because you’re too sad right now. We see that happen all the time. You could be entitled to some pension or complex asset payments for a very long time. You deserve to be in control of that too.

Begin preparing for the process of divorce with very detailed notes and lists. We will help you get the relief you need.

Take Control With Stillwater Divorce Lawyers

It’s time to take control of your life, and yes, sometimes that means an ending. You may be feeling like you are in a position where it is difficult to trust anyone or anything anymore. That will never be the case with a Stillwater divorce lawyer from Atticus Family Law. We offer a service guarantee to ensure you are in control of the process. This protects you from worrying about having to make the same decisions all over again one day.

Our legal solutions are not just part of the process. They are solutions you choose to stay in control of your family and your life. They are designed to ensure you never have to fight the specifics of your orders or rulings in court again. Contact the Stillwater divorce lawyers from Atticus Family Law online today in order to protect your legal rights.

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