Parenting Time Attorney in Stillwater

Parenting Time Attorney in Stillwater

Parenting time determines the all-important schedule that guides how parents who are no longer together will divide their time with their shared children. Parenting time is addressed at the time of divorce, but post-divorce modifications are also common – and parents who were never married can face parenting time concerns outside of divorce. Having the professional legal guidance of an experienced parenting time attorney in Stillwater on your side is the surest way to help protect your parental rights as they relate to parenting time. 

Child Custody in Minnesota

In Minnesota, child custody arrangements break down into custody, which addresses legal custody or primary parenting decision making and parenting time, which determines each parent’s schedule with the kids. If you and your children’s other parent are able to negotiate a parenting time schedule that works for your unique family and that both of you are willing to sign off on, you will not need the court’s input on the matter. If your parenting plan, however, does stall your negotiations, you can expect to receive one of the court’s standard parenting time schedules. 

The Court’s Focus on the Children

When Minnesota courts are called upon to make parenting time determinations, they are always guided by the best interests of the children – in the unique situation at hand. The overriding belief is that children are best served when they continue to spend time with both parents – barring a serious reason for believing otherwise. As such, parenting time schedules fall into one of the following two basic camps:

  • One parent takes on the primary custodial role and has the children for the majority of overnights throughout the year.
  • Both parents divide their overnights with their children more equally. 

Parenting Time Factors

When Minnesota courts make parenting time determinations, they look to an array of best interest factors, including:

  • The emotional, spiritual, cultural, and physical needs of the children, including any special needs 
  • The degree of each parent’s involvement with raising the children to date
  • Each parent’s parenting time preferences and each child’s (if they are of an appropriate age and maturity to weigh in)
  • Each parent’s ability and desire to appropriately care and provide for the children
  • Each parent’s commitment to supporting the ongoing relationship between the children and their other parent
  • The benefits associated with maximizing each parent’s time with the kids and the negative consequences of failing to do so

The court, in other words, will look at your unique situation from every angle in order to help ensure that your parenting time schedule supports your children’s best interests moving forward. 

An Experienced Parenting Time Attorney in Stillwater is on Your Side

The compassionate Stillwater parenting time attorneys at Atticus Family Law understand the serious nature of your parenting time concerns and have the drive, experience, and legal skill to help you resolve your case favorably. Your rights as a parent are important, so please don’t put off reaching out and contacting us for more information today.

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