Roseville Child Custody Attorneys

Roseville Child Custody Attorneys

If you are facing an issue that has to do with the custody of your children, it directly affects your parental rights and should receive the careful legal attention it deserves. Your rights as a parent are paramount, and an experienced Roseville child custody attorney has the legal insight, experience, and compassion to help you protect those rights. 

Custody and Placement

The State of Wisconsin addresses child custody in terms of both custody and placement. By custody, the state is referring to a parent’s legal right to take care of his or her children and to make primary parenting decisions on their behalf. Placement, on the other hand, refers to the schedule by which your children will divide their time between you and their other parent. Placement can play out in any of the following ways:

  • Primary Placement in which one parent has the children the majority of the time
  • Shared Placement in which the children spend at least 25 percent of their time with each parent
  • Split-Placement in which one parent has primary placement of one or more of the shared children and the other parent has primary placement of the rest of the shared children.

The Best Interests of the Children

When Minnesota courts make decisions about custody and placement, they always focus on the best interests of the children involved. The factors they use to make these determinations can include:

  • Each child’s age and current developmental needs 
  • Each parent’s current living situation
  • How well each child has adjusted to his or her current home, school, and community in general
  • Each parent’s wishes 
  • The state of each parent’s current relationship with each child
  • Each parent’s willingness and ability to support the other parent’s ongoing relationship with each child
  • Each parent’s ability to provide a consistent and stable life for each child
  • Each child’s reasonable preferences (if he or she is deemed mature enough to meaningfully voice an opinion)
  • The mental and physical health of each parent and each child
  • The amount of participation each parent has had in raising the children to date
  • Each parent’s ability and willingness to openly communicate and cooperate with the other parent regarding the children
  • Any indications that either domestic violence or child abuse/neglect is a concern
  • Any indications that either parent has a serious problem with either drugs or alcohol

Finally, the court can take any factor that it deems relevant to the case in question into consideration in making its child custody and placement determinations.  

Turn to an Experienced Roseville Child Custody Attorney for the Legal Help You Are Looking For

The accomplished Roseville child custody attorneys at Atticus Family Law understand how critical your child custody concerns are to you and your children, and they are committed to using the full force of their expansive experience in their focused efforts to resolve your case favorably. Your parental rights and your child custody case are important, so please don’t delay contacting us for more information today.


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