Roseville Divorce Lawyers

Roseville Divorce Lawyers

One of the first questions for those who are considering a divorce in Roseville, MN, is: what will the divorce process be like? This question is understandable, especially for those who do not have a legal background and have little or no experience with the divorce process. It can be overwhelming to imagine how to even begin with such an emotional and seemingly complicated decision. 

At Atticus Family Law, our goal is to support you through the entire process and take as much stress and doubt out of the situation as possible. That starts with explaining what you might expect when you go down the road to filing for a divorce. 

What to Expect with the Roseville Divorce Process

While no two situations are exactly alike, there are certain steps that you can expect when you initiate the divorce process in Minnesota. 

  • Consultation – The consultation will allow you to share your story and learn more about what to expect with the divorce process in Roseville. You can ask questions and receive answers from one of our skilled attorneys. 
  • Strategy Session – During this strategy session, we will cover all of the different ways that we can move forward with your divorce. This includes determining whether we can possibly settle the divorce outside of court or through mediation. On the other hand, if one or both parties are unwilling to compromise on a key decision, the case might need to go through the court system. In this session, we will develop a clear strategy for handling your divorce. 
  • Starting the Process – If you are initiating the divorce, the first step will be to create a petition for what you hope to receive out of the divorce. This could include items like expectations for the division of assets or child support. Once this petition has been filed with the court and sent to your spouse, the process officially begins. 
  • Mediation – In Minnesota, the court system requires that all divorcing parties first attempt to settle the terms of their divorce outside of the courts and through mediation. In some cases, this is successful, but in other cases, when the two parties cannot reach an agreement, the divorce still ends up in the court system to be settled by either a judge or with a trial. 
  • Going to Court – From this point, if you need court assistance and intervention, there will be several steps to take, and your attorney will help you through these. The first phase is “discovery,” which is essentially the collection of evidence and data that allows the spouses and the judge to have a full understanding of all assets involved. This can include appraisals on your home, bank records, retirement fund statement, and custody evaluations. Each side will present their case to the judge on the issues in question, and there will be a decree from the courts regarding how to resolve the matter. From there, your attorney will help to implement the judge’s decision. 

Our Roseville Divorce Lawyers Can Help

If you are considering starting the divorce process or would like more information on what that will entail, please contact Atticus Family Law to schedule a consultation with an experienced Roseville divorce attorney.

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