Saint Paul Child Custody Attorney

Saint Paul Child Custody Attorney

Saint Paul Child Custody Attorney

Facing a child custody battle can be a daunting and emotionally draining experience for any family. The process often involves complex legal procedures, stressful negotiations, and a multitude of personal challenges. Often, there may be differing opinions between parents regarding the best interests of the child, which can create a tense atmosphere. Additionally, the financial burden of legal costs and potential strain on interpersonal relationships can significantly add to the stress. Therefore, navigating such a high-stakes situation requires the guidance of an experienced Saint Paul child custody attorney, who can provide clarity, counsel, and ultimately advocate for the child’s best interests.

When it comes to matters of the heart, especially ones involving your children, you want only the best on your side. Atticus Family Law has years of experience handling child custody cases in Minnesota. Our attorneys understand the emotional nature of these cases and are here to provide you with professional, empathetic, and reassuring support.

Understanding Custody Cases

Child custody determinations consider numerous factors such as the child’s age, relationships, history, and the parent’s mental health and substance abuse issues. In Minnesota, there are two types of custody: Legal Custody and Physical Custody. Legal custody pertains to the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing, while physical custody refers to where the child lives.

Joint physical custody doesn’t necessarily mean equal time with each parent. The non-custodial parent is usually entitled to a minimum of 25% parenting overnights. It’s important to note that the number of overnights can affect child support payments.

Customized Parenting Time Schedules

At Atticus Family Law, we believe that every child’s needs are unique. Therefore, we work with experts in child development to create customized parenting time schedules based on your child’s developmental needs. These schedules are comprehensive, considering weekdays, weekends, holidays, and even school breaks.

Mediation and Shared Custody

We also understand that court battles can be stressful. That’s why we often recommend mediation for parents who wish to tailor their custody and parenting time agreements. We have considerable experience in securing shared custody and parenting time arrangements that suit all parties involved.

Post-case Support

Our commitment to support extends beyond the resolution of your case. Even after your case is closed, we remain dedicated to providing ongoing guidance and assistance. Our team ensures that the terms of the decree are implemented correctly, offering peace of mind and continued support throughout your journey.

Contact a St. Paul Child Custody Attorney

Navigating child custody laws in Minnesota can be daunting and emotionally taxing. You need a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney who will fight for the best interests of your child. You don’t have to tackle this process alone. Our team of experienced Saint Paul child custody attorneys is prepared to provide personalized and professional assistance throughout this journey. Contact us today, and let us help you secure the best future for your child.

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