The consultations that Atticus Family Law offers to potential clients are a practice arising from Abraham Lincoln's statement, “A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade.” The consultation is crafted to make sure that the client gets valuable information and witnesses the lawyer in action. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Here is how our consultations work:

  During the consultation the client controls the agenda. The attorney hears out the client’s concerns, asks questions, and reviews documents as well as gives the client earnest legal advice based on the facts presented. In the consultation, real legal counseling is performed – under this model the attorney does not tell the potential client just what the client wants to hear, does not "sell" the client, and does not try to impress with legalese or law knowledge. Rather the consultation permits the attorney to demonstrate to the client how they practice law, spot issues, analyze facts and communicate with the client.

  There is a fee* for the consultation. This payment ensures that attorney’s time is respected and it alleviates the pressure for the attorney to convince the client to retain the firm. The client recognizes a greater net gain from a paid consultation than a “free consultation” – the client truly gets what they pay for. The firm allocates the fee towards the costs of its work it does for free for pro-bono clients.

  *Client gets a reduced retainer towards any future work. The advantage for the client is that if the client needs further legal services for their concern, the fee is credited towards their retainer. In the end either the client has the answers they need (and goes off without any further contact with the firm) or they have a lawyer who has started to get to know them & their case facts, who has demonstrated their lawyering style, and who's services the client can retain for a discounted fee.

  The consultation is amongst the potential client, whomever the client also wants there, and the AFL attorney. This permits the potential client to have with them the people they need to understand the advice, ask needed questions, and help them remember it afterwards. For some matters, a two-hour consultation will be needed but one hour usually suffices.

  The firm's consultation includes follow up questions that arise in the days afterwards. In our experience the client inevitably thinks of some other questions and/or talks with someone who has other relevant, important questions. This model makes sure ALL of the client’s questions are answered.

The quality of the firm’s legal consultations offered to potential clients can be attributed to this nation's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. If you would like to schedule a consultation, be it to get your questions answered or get to know the firm for legal representation, please click here.