We have several opportunities for face-to-face meetings with our clients, be in person and online.

Our primary office is in Stillwater, Minnesota. This provides convenient location for people in the Eastern Twin Cities metro area and Western Wisconsin. This office has staff present 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Address: 226 Myrtle Street East, 2nd Floor, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

We also meet with clients in Minneapolis (Uptown), Saint Paul, and Spring Lake Park. These non-Stillwater locations are by appointment only and have unfortunately only limited availability based on those hosts and the calendar commitments of the attorneys. Their addresses will be provided upon scheduling.

online video conferencing

Many times it important that we have an important discussion but there are complications. Its clear for the discussion that meeting face-to-face is better than talking on the telephone, but the availability and logistics bar the feasible an in person meeting . Hence we offer these clients online video conferencing through Zoom and Skype. For your convenience come time for an online video conference that the staff has scheduled with clients, here is our connection information:

Zoom Domain: https://zoom.us/j/5773873585

Our Zoom Meeting ID: 577-387-3585

Skype Domain: https://web.skype.com/en/    (however note that it works better with app/software)

Our Skype Name: atticus.family.law

For those people interested in our legal services, we schedule in person face-to-face meetings. When those people live abroad or outside of Minnesota (or they have very particular other circumstances) we will schedule an online consultation with them.