Fair Family Law

Fair Family Law

Our Fair Family Law service offers compassionate expertise, a comprehensive checklist, and a collaborative approach for a conclusive resolution to your family law matters.

Family Law

We handle matters in
all areas of family law.


Decades of
experience and skilled trial expertise.

Child Custody

We will fight for your
parental rights.

Property Division

Protecting our clients’
financial rights.


Securing fair terms for you and your children, led by Attorney collaborating with you every step of the way.
This is AFL’s version of the customary Do-It-With-You legal service for family law needs.

It is agonizing to be faced with a family law dispute. The stress & anxiety of disputes with people who are (or used to be) close to you involving the children you love can leave you sleepless, distracted, and hopeless. Agreeing on what’s fair should not be as controversial as is.

Perhaps you need to make changes to your divorce decree or custody order. Or perhaps you need to establish custody rights. Maybe you don’t know — you just know that changes are needed for access to your children, decision-making for them, and/or better responsibilities need to be set.

In Minnesota “Family Law” is a term that includes divorce, the divorce process, divorce with children, high net value divorces, property division, and spousal maintenance. You can see our divorce services on these Reset Divorce, Peace of Mind Divorce, and Solo Divorce pages of the AFL website.

Other family law concerns include establishing & modifying custody, changes to parenting time schedules and conditions, paternity & child support, and 3rd party & grandparent custody. These are those concerns that come after divorce or those legal issues that do not include married parents.

You need a court order to reduce & eliminate the stress, anxiety, and frustration you fear for yourself and for the future of the children you hold dear.

  • How do you get what is what’s best for the children?
  • Will you be able to change the prior divorce decree or custody order?
  • What assurances do you have that a new arrangement will serve your children’s long-term happiness?

The Fair Family Law service uses our compassion for people in your shoes and decades of experience to deliver that court order that will serve your short-term and long-term needs. In negotiating or at an evidentiary hearing, we seek to resolve all issues of legal custody, physical custody, parenting time schedules & conditions, child support, insurance, and taxes, all proposed divorce orders are vetted against our 100+ point checklist for a no-regrets “Once & Done” finality. You and your attorney work together to see through the strategy, filing, and resolutions, be it by negotiation, mediation, or trial.

Collaborate with us to find new confidence in a secure future.

What is the goal of this family law service?

To secure an effective court order that

  • is fair in all regards,
  • meets the present best interests of the child(ren), and/or
  • serves client’s present and future needs
What are the key features of this service?
  • Strategy to accomplish goals swiftly yet thoroughly.
  • Collaborative strategy execution, where client is consulted for insight, understanding, and direction.
  • Negotiating & Drafting Legal Agreements using time-honed clauses and templates
  • No-regrets “Once & Done” finality of every family law agreement.
  • Anxiety & Stress eased with coaching that prepares client’s mindset for best outcome.
  • Confidence from firm’s Mastery system of Checklists, Templates, Best Practices for best Legal Analysis, Advocacy, and Client Experience
  • Answers all emails and calls in 24 hours or less.
  • Steady weekly casework regimen
  • AFL Service Guarantee
How will this reduce the time to complete my family law case?
  • Documented systems for steady progress always forward, not backward; systems also prompt the case to move faster.
  • Collaborative Strategy Session using our 20-year playbook accelerates achievement of client’s goals.
  • Our ADR Success Program provides the best chance at an early, fair settlement to resolve all issues.
  • Assignment of staff to case accelerates progress.
  • Client Coaching changes your anxiety into a focused advantage for a prompt resolution.
What will I have to do?
  • AFL does all strategy organizing, drafting, execution, research, and speaking in court; Client’s role is to provide documents and information.
  • Client centrally involved in strategy, hearing preparation, ADR Success planning, coaching, and decision meetings.
  • Client’s time is an investment for a better outcome.
  • Must be willing to trade stress, anxiety, & frustration for peace of mind, confidence, and fresh outlook

FREE Download.
10 things you need to secure in your divorce plus crucial questions to choose an attorney. Critical points such as:

  • Decisions about the children’s future and parenting time.
  • Responsibility for spouse’s debt and spending.
  • Separation of assets and income.
  • Who will work on my case?
  • How long will it all take?
  • How will you accomplish my goals?
  • How much will it cost and what do the fees include?

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