Why Hire Atticus Family Law?

We are Picky about the Clients we Serve

Are you the Right Client?

Here at Atticus Family Law we are picky about the clients we serve.

Our goal as an attorney and paralegals is not to be general legal practitioners who help everyone that walks through our doors. Rather, we strive to be expert legal advocates for our clients that deliver superior client communication.

What does this mean…

1.     Picking the Right Clients

We do not work with every client. We turndown a large majority of the individuals who contact us.

The criteria we evaluate when we meet the first time is attitude and communication style. We know our ability to successfully solve your legal matters hinges on the chemistry between the client and the attorney.

We also do not work for clients who want to use the legal system as a hammer to make someone pay. We will not compromise our ethics to help a client ruin their spouse or the other parent of their children.

2.    We Only Work within our Expertise

We will not compromise quality and take on a client when we are not experienced in a field of law.

What it comes down to for us is quality over quantity. If we are not confident with our ability to solve your legal matter we will refer you to someone else.

3.    We Only Bring on New Clients if Capacity Allows

We do not overload our team. To be an aggressive advocate who understands the individual needs of each clients we need to limit the number of clients each attorney works with at any given time.

Our belief is an attorney cannot be successful if they are working 60+ hours per week. Successful attorneys can only manage the stress of 45-55 hours of legal work per week.

What do you want?…an overworked, stressed out attorney or an attorney who has a positive outlook, upbeat nature, and fresh mental energy to solve your legal matter.

Like how this sounds?

Let’s see if there is a good fit!