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Family Law

Family law matters tend to be complex since many of the issues overlap. Our attorneys at Atticus Family Law are dedicated to helping families resolve their legal matters.

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“Family Law” is a catch-all term that includes the intersections of custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, spousal maintenance, domestic violence, orders for protection, harassment restraining orders, and other areas of law that involve children, parents, or divorced couples.

As a term that refers to many overlapping issues, Family Law is not easy. If you had just one issue, such as modifying child support because a child turned 18, the dispute would be clear, and you would understand your legal options.

But you don’t have one issue; you have numerous Family Law issues. Consider these family law examples:

  • A divorced mother gets a job promotion that requires moving 200 miles away, which is going to require a change to the father’s parenting time and child support, as well as legal permission to move the child out of state.
  • A father seeks an order for protection against the mom’s boyfriend for his physical discipline of the children, which brings into question the current award of custody to her, what parenting time she should have, and a flip flop of the child support between them.
  • A mother’s enforcement of a divorce decree to collect $9,000 of child support arrears leaves the father without funds or a valid driver’s license needed for parenting time.
  • With a history of infidelity and separations, a husband has serious paternity concerns for the children born prior to and during the 2-year marriage.
  • Grandparents want to intervene in a divorce among alcoholic parents so as to protect their three young grandchildren.

As highly experienced attorneys, we love helping clients with these family-law situations; when other attorneys pause upon seeing this complexity, we are already strategizing. The skilled family law attorneys at Atticus Family Law can assist with everything from child custody to domestic violence issues. Whether it was a single incident that triggered multiple issues, or it has been a few years since the divorce, during which time multiple issues have stockpiled, our training and experience position us to readily handle your complex family law issues.

Simple cases such as establishing custody can be fearful and stressful, but the added complexity of overlapping family law situations is terrifying. At Atticus Family Law, we are here to help you. No one should have to feel alone and lost when navigating sensitive family law issues, as well as figuring out how to protect their rights.

How to Choose the Right Family Law

Families dealing with involved, complex family law matters deserve an attorney who will put their needs first and who treats every client as important as the next. Going to a big firm with dozens of attorneys looks great online, but as things move along, the service provided may feel less personal. No one wants to feel like “Case #40-8287”, and that will never happen with Atticus Family Law. We care about every client, and we treat each case as if it is the only one we are currently handling.

Some clients tend to assume that retaining a big and flashy trial lawyer is the way to go, but that often results in nothing more than costing more in the end. Attorneys who prefer taking cases to trial do not prioritize looking to resolve a case in the most timely manner. They are looking for the big fight, but this can tie up both parties in court for what can seem like an eternity. At Atticus Family Law, we have plenty of trial experience, but we also recognize our clients’ need to move on and resolve all outstanding issues as quickly as possible. Resolving cases sooner reduces the overall legal fees.

Types of Cases a Family Law Attorney Can Help With

Before hiring a family law attorney, it is important to understand just how much a skilled attorney can do in these stressful times. Here are some of the areas in which we may be able to help:

  • Custody and Parenting Time: Modifying child custody and negotiating an agreement on parenting time is stressful. Arguing a comprehensive parenting plan can be difficult when both parents are likely emotionally charged, which is where we can assist.
  • Paternity: Addressing the sensitive nature of determining paternity which includes the matters of birth certificates, recognition of parentage, and selection of a child’s name.
  • Domestic Abuse: Accusations or charges of domestic violence can severely complicate a post-divorce or post-custody matter. We have experience with these types of cases and understand the special care that is needed. We want to help our clients and their children have a safe place to stay.
  • Child Support and Spousal Maintenance: Looking to establish child support? Or modify child support or spousal maintenance? We can help with that. If payments are not being made under an existing order, our attorneys can help pursue legal remedies to collect on arrears.

Contact a Minnesota Family Law Attorney

Atticus Family Law is dedicated to helping families resolve their legal issues with dignity and respect. Our attorneys work to find the best solution for you and help families move past a difficult situation. For a confidential consultation with a compassionate and experienced family law attorney in Minnesota, contact Atticus Family Law today.

Personal Perspective From An

Atticus Family
Law Attorney


Eva’s Story – Two Months After A Divorce, “This Caught Her Off Guard.”

Ten years ago, we were hired by a client we’ll call Eva*. Eva hired the firm two months after she was divorced. Yeah, weird. Four months prior, her husband indicated to her that he wanted a divorce, which Eva had already been thinking about. They were able to swiftly pull together the documents, agree to shared custody of their 3-year-old son, and were divorced in 60 days.

Eva’s husband had indicated that he was likely to quit his job and move to Chicago. This caught her off guard because the shared custody could not have been maintained if he moved to Chicago. And less than a month after that, he moved to Chicago.

What followed was pure “family law.” In this case, there was a reason to question their joint physical custody, the 50/50 parenting time and reversal of child support. While Eva insisted the child was going to stay with her in Minnesota, he wanted two-weeks on, two-weeks off!

What followed was a demand for mediation, him retaining an attorney, an unsuccessful mediation, attempted visitations in Chicago, letters bickering with the court, a contested motion hearing, scheduling the matter for an evidentiary trial hearing, and the negotiation of a satisfying resolution thereafter.

We are excited to help clients with the changes and events that require revising a prior custody or divorce decree. We dig in to know how the issues intersect, where the client’s priorities are, what the judge is going to be thinking, and collateral issues. Even if one particular issue – such as whether a three-year-old is expected to travel to Chicago every 2 weeks – is the client’s obvious priority, we are charged to have a 360-degree grasp of all the issues so that we can serve the client’s priorities as well as the remaining issues sensibly.

Think positively. We’re here to help, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.


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