Support & Property Collections

What options are there to collect child support arrears owed?

Does it make sense to incur attorney’s fees in the collection of child support arrears?

Enforcing child support and spousal maintenance orders is one of the most pressing issues. Child support recipients have the right to require that the other parent’s employer automatically withhold support from paychecks for distribution through the State to the recipient. However, that often doesn’t cut it. When support is demanded from the self-employed, the under-employed, the unemployed, and others, too often there are missed payments or no payments at all.

For clients who need assistance with collecting their child support, spousal support and divorce property, Atticus Law Cooperative provides expertise and great service. We work with our clients to understand the debt owed to them and the basis of their claims. By fully understanding our clients, we can prepare a strategy to maximize recovery in a speedy time frame.

What rights do I have if my former spouse is not complying with our child custody agreement?

In most circumstances, we start with gentle tactics and increase pressure. Prior to bringing it to the court’s attention, if that is needed, the firm uses a system of debt validation, skip tracing, letter campaigns, and strategic telephone calls to debtors; these invitations to engage the debtors about their debts provides them a full opportunity to make good on the debt owed and reduces the stress of our clients. By starting gently, we preserve the relationships that our clients have with their debtors, who are often ex-spouses and the parents of shared children. Many times, support payments get paid just by demonstrating to debtors you mean business by retaining a law firm.

The strongest enforcement tactics we can utilize are bank levies, wage garnishments, seizure of assets, and contempt of court proceedings. This full range of collection procedures promises the greatest achievement of successful, timely, and consistent collection results. Though these tactics are bold, they are often necessary if the debtors haven’t responded to our clients and haven’t responded to our invitations to engage them about the debts.

We generally accept accounts of all sizes in every one of the 159 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Fees and expenses are tailored to meet the needs of the client. For many, this will be hourly or flat fees, depending on what is reasonable and fair for both the client and the firm.