Reset Divorce

Reset Divorce

Achieve a fresh start with our all-encompassing Reset Divorce service, ensuring a fair outcome, peace of mind, and expert support for a bright new future.

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all areas of family law.


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experience and skilled trial expertise.

Child Custody

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parental rights.

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The client is awarded confidence in the future from a satisfying divorce outcome, upgraded life resources, and energized mindset for a sound life plan. This Do-For-You-As-Much-As-Possible Divorce Service makes the legal process and divorce outcome as advantaged as possible.

You need to get a new life, starting with a divorce. You seek an outcome to the divorce that is more than just fair and what’s best for the kids, but you deserve to have the resources, outlook, and liberty to live the life you have dreamed of.

There are so many demands on your attention that you welcome a savvy plan that will allow you to hit the ground running with a sound divorce resolution, the professionals to help you protect & grow, and a focus that has closed the door on the past. You will be left looking forward to a bright new future.

If life has compromised your focus, this service is great to handle the heavy lifting of resetting a life during divorce. We provide extra support to make cooperating easy, to eliminate stress & anxiety, and to ensure you have trusted professionals for your financial, real estate, and other life needs.

If you are without the mental bandwidth & time due to work, family, and other obligations, this service is for you. Just as you trust professionals to renovate your home for a new life direction, so too can you thrive with this Do-For-You-As-Much-As-Possible Divorce Service. 

What is the goal of this divorce service?

To secure the great outcome you deserve via the easiest methods possible and be launched into a new, best life.

What are the key features of this service?
  • A holistic strategy to accomplish legal & life goals
  • Master legal team executes the strategy for your property, support, and custody goals
  • Close attorney teamwork to aid your insight, understanding, and direction.
  • Stress & Anxiety eased to seize the best outcome
  • Our highest priority casework
  • Weekly video updates to clients
  • Set Flat Fee for Cost Control
  • No-Trouble document collection and onboarding
  • Outside expert Professionals (Financial Advisors, Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Therapists, etc.) are included for optimum success.
  • Time-honed Negotiating & Drafting best practices
  • No-regrets “Once & Done” finality of every divorce agreement.
How will this reduce the time to complete the divorce?
  • Rapid start via the No Trouble Onboarding
  • An AFL Strategy Session for shortest route to goal achievement
  • AFL Systems avoid need for do-overs
  • Our ADR Success Program is the best chance at fair settlement to end case.
  • Client Coaching shifts client anxiety into an advantage for their divorce and future life chapters
  • Fast Document Creation
  • Same Day Responsiveness
  • Top Priority Casework
  • Appeal Insurance reduces lengthiness
What will I have to do in this divorce?
  • AFL does all strategy organizing, drafting, execution, research, and speaking in court; Client’s role is to provide documents and information.
  • Client centrally involved in strategy, hearing preparation, ADR Success planning, coaching, and decision meetings.
  • No Trouble Onboarding saves client from toil
  • Direct telephone dial access makes for easy access
  • Collaboration with Professionals makes life planning easy
  • Client is excited, not drained, to contribute to new life making
  • Client coaching makes it easy
  • Time, while sacrificed, is an investment
  • Must be willing to surrender stress, anxiety, & frustration

FREE Download.
10 things you need to secure in your divorce plus crucial questions to choose an attorney. Critical points such as:

  • Decisions about the children’s future and parenting time.
  • Responsibility for spouse’s debt and spending.
  • Separation of assets and income.
  • Who will work on my case?
  • How long will it all take?
  • How will you accomplish my goals?
  • How much will it cost and what do the fees include?

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