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Vicky Norgren Lynes

I hired Atticus Family Law after I could not get my case moving forward. This was the best decision I could have made. Once Alexandra Reynolds was put on my case, she worked consistently and aggressively on ensuring my case kept moving forward through the court system. She was good at communicating with me and also good at responding when I had questions. It was very clear that my needs were important to Alexandra and not much longer after she took on my case we were able to close it to my satisfaction.

Mike McMahon

The worst thing I have ever experienced in my life, my divorce, felt like a never-ending maze of financial and emotional torment.

Alexandra Reynolds was there to guide me through the process. Her ability to break things down and explain things to me legally while remaining empathetic provided a place that felt safe for me to let down my guard and make sound decisions.

Often in divorce, we run away with the idea that we are under siege and that we have to “win.” I really appreciated Alexandra’s and Matt’s understanding of the incredible pain one goes through during this process and how they kept me on track before I even had a thought of jumping the rails.

I did give in on some big items that seemed non-negotiable from the very emotional beginning, but I feel I was given a really clear explanation of how things could go if we moved forward and was able to make very informed decisions that ended up saving time and money.

I would recommend Atticus Family Law to anyone.

Laura Yager

Alexandra and the entire team at Atticus Family Law have been nothing short of amazing during what is no doubt one of the most challenging times to navigate! Her incredibly poised and professional approach with opposing counsel and in court provided me with the reassurance knowing I made the right decision for myself and my family during this time. If you or anyone you know is in need of an experienced family law attorney, call Alexandra and her team!

Jenny Discher

Matthew Ludt and his team were wonderful to work with. Exceptional in communication, making sure I understood every step of the process. From attentively gathering all the details, and laying out road maps of how to proceed, to explaining alternative ways to approach each step depending on curveballs other parties tossed our way. Not only were they concerned with making sure all my questions were answered, and I was comfortable in understanding of the process, but as things shifted, and curveballs came; genuinely listened to my concerns, and already knew exactly how to attack each item. Matthew Ludt is well versed, and greatly experienced in what he does, and holds a deep passion to use that knowledge to help others through their specific journey. Working with Matthew Ludt and his team means they are walking with you, and going to bat for you; at all times, your best interests are at the forefront, and it shows. I would highly recommend Matthew Ludt and his team to anyone going through a family law matter. They will be with you every step of the way, from beginning to end.

Jennifer Williams

Atticus Family Law gives its clients’ a positive experience during some of the most trying times in their lives. They are professional, well established, and really care about their clients. I recommend them to anyone seeking advice or representation in their family law matter. I would give 10 stars if I could!

AJ Paron

Matt was an awesome collaborative lawyer! Worked hard to make my experience easy with little worry. Getting divorced was the easiest thing I’ve done in 2020. Matt made sure it was low stress! Highly recommend.

Heidi Sklenar

If I was asked to rank Atticus Family Law on a 10 scale, I would give them an 11. Choosing to end my marriage was a difficult and personal decision, and Atticus made the process seamless from beginning to end. When I met Matt at the beginning of my process, he offered me empathy, common sense, and expertise. Having two small children, their best interest was my top priority. Matt was very focused on making sure that the outcome of the divorce would protect the best interest of my children not only now, but in the future as well. As the divorce process moved forward, there were no surprises. I was always kept up to date by the law firm on where things stood and what to expect next. I feel so grateful to have chosen Atticus Family Law as my divorce attorney during one of the toughest periods of my life. Today, I have peace of mind knowing that my and my children’s wellbeing are secure.

Morgan Freiberg

110% Recommend Matt and his team! They were all so great to work with and easy to get a hold of. Each one responded quickly and answered all my questions. Thank you for all your hard work Matt, Sandy, and Missy!

Chaz Williams

Best service in the Twin City area!

Arik Bjorn

Atticus went greatly to bat for us. We were so impressed by their efforts and personal service–imagine that, attorneys who actually treat you like human beings! Most HIGHLY recommended.

Jordan Perri

After interviewing four different attorneys, I had no doubt that not only did I want Matt to represent me in court, but also to work with me through the divorce process. I require a little more time to make decisions than most and the staff at Atticus Family Law really have a knack for working around their clients’ needs. I went with my intuition on hiring the firm and it really worked out in my favor. Looking back, I have no regrets and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of assistance.

Kylene Karnuth

Mr. Ludt and his team at Atticus Family Law were very professional, extremely helpful and were always available to answer any questions I had.

Robben Gitzel

Very helpful when I needed a lawyer to help me with my legal issues. Great job! Thank you.


Matt was very helpful in advising our family when our mother passed away without a Will. He explained the process and worked at our pace to get the estate settled. Now my father recently passed away up in Crow Wing County, He has helpfully given a second opinion on some concerns of ours.

Matt acts more like a friend that is an attorney that always willing to give advice and even dig for details. As I said I have an attorney working a probate in Crow Wing county. When I asked this attorney a question, he answered with 3 words, and no real advice or reasons. I asked Matt, he dug in and gave me an opinion and backed it with details I needed. It’s pretty clear that Matt values a good relationship with his clients. In my business dealings, I have worked with (and against) several lawyers. Some with some legal knowledge, but probably only one other that I put in the same class as Matt in terms of valuing a solid relationship with the client.
If I could I would give Matt 10 stars.

Vicky Lynes

I hired Atticus Family Law after I could not get my case moving forward. This was the best decision I could have made. Once Alexandra Reynolds was put on my case, she worked consistently and aggressively on ensuring my case kept moving forward through the court system. She was good at communicating with me and also good at responding when I had questions. It was very clear that my needs were important to Alexandra and not much longer after she took on my case we were able to close it to my satisfaction.

James Willan

Alexandra is a great attorney! She really cares about your concerns and responds promptly to all questions. She was able to get a great financial outcome for my case.

Ron Lawrenz

Alexandra Reynolds is an outstanding attorney and she did an incredible job handling my case. She applied the little tested Cohabitation Law to my alimony appeal and she nailed it. Her knowledge of the law and her professionalism gave me confidence throughout the entire process.


Matt and his team were wonderful! Thank you for your help and compassion during a trying time. You guys rock!

A Majumdar

Worked with me for over 3 years. Matt is awesome!

Andy Fox

Fantastic experience working with Matt and his team. I would highly recommend!

Michelle Cain

Having worked with Matt on a couple of different legal matters I found he was/is a plethora of knowledge. Easy to talk to and listens well.

Jeff H.

There are few things in life more devastating than a family in crisis. And nothing more serious than when children’s lives are on the line. Atticus worked tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned to win our case and save our family. When it was all on the line we put our trust in Matt Ludt. Thank you to Matt and his team for caring so deeply.

Holly Hansen

Excellent! Mr. Ludt picked up the pieces of my case after I let my first legal team go. He quickly analyzed and successfully poised me to reasonably settle my divorce. Divorce is a stressful personal time, it’s dark and challenging and calls for a knowledgeable team that yields peace of mind. I highly recommend the Atticus Law team and am extremely grateful I used them. Thank you Matt Ludt!

Judi Reeves

Matt, Jennifer, and Missy of Atticus Family Law work with people the way lawyers should. They kept us informed every step of the way, asking us questions about how we wanted to proceed with certain things and took a lot of time to answer ALL our questions. Our grandchild’s life depended on a positive outcome and that’s exactly what happened. He is happy and healthy thanks to the people at Atticus.

Ken Langeslay

I have worked with the Atticus Law Firm and more specifically Matt for a number of years on a variety of legal matters, they have always been 100% professional and thorough answering all of my questions. Matt has always been quick to respond to my emails and my concerns and even recommended a great colleague from another state when I needed legal help from that location as well. I would highly recommend Matt and his team and will continue to utilize him if the need should arise again. Thank you, Matt, for all of your help.

Molli Meyer

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You need Matt Ludt and Atticus Family Law in your corner! A close family member of mine used Atticus Family Law for his divorce and custody battle with very complex circumstances. Mr. Ludt always was prepared and it was very evident he knew the file very well through the whole process-he initially represented my family member in MN with a high degree of expertise and continued that degree of professionalism and knowledge when the case was transferred to WI. Mr. Ludt was zealous in the fight for custody and was very knowledgeable. He paid attention to our short-term and long-term goals and was mindful of them every step of the way. He was always prompt to respond to our questions and would often provide us with a status update just so we knew what was being done on the case without ever needing to inquire. Working in the legal industry, I have seen many different types of attorneys and their approaches to their cases. Mr. Ludt and his team are as diligent and detail-oriented as can be. We have since referred several other friends and clients to Atticus Family Law and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Matt Ludt and his team for anyone in need of a family law or divorce attorney.

Emily Beltz

I was referred to Atticus by a former Atticus client. I am so grateful to have Matt Ludt working on my case, as he has helped me through some very difficult times over the years. He has been very supportive and listened to my concerns. Matt is upfront and shows that he wants nothing but the best outcome for his clients. His team at Atticus have also been easy to work with. Missy especially has been a great go-to person with any questions/concerns I have. I would highly recommend Atticus Family Law.

Mandi Siiro

I would highly recommend Matt Ludt from Atticus Law. He took the time to listen to all issues and found clear solutions to move forward on an unresolved divorce settlement. With his expertise and knowledge, I felt confident of a resolution. Most of all, I appreciated his manner of conveying legal terms into something I was able to understand.

Tamara Haupt

Matt really cares about your family, and about justice being served. I appreciate the care and time he took with my case, and would highly recommend Atticus Family Law to anyone seeking help with a family law case. I have already sent two of my friends his way, and will continue to do so.

Rachel Tenney

Matt Ludt is ethical and a true professional. As such, the moral authority translates in a very real way. He is even tempered, articulate, warm and a deep thinker. I felt like I was talking to a friend. He is the right choice for taking a firm stance on behalf of his client, yet retaining an atmosphere that allows for collaboration when the time comes.

Tina Seidl

The team at Atticus Family Law are amazing! They are not only knowledgeable and professional, they also treat you as if you are a part of the family. All of my questions or concerns always received a prompt response with respect and understanding during an incredibly difficult time.

David Rasmussen

I worked with Matt to help me with my very difficult ex-wife and child custody situation. I had talked with many attorneys before him over the years and he gave me great advice. He worked diligently with me to make the most of my situation, really supported me and for the situation I was dealing with at that time it went 100% in my favor, which I know isn’t always the case. I wish I’d met him before I got divorced, it was surprisingly difficult to find a great attorney who actually cared about what I was going through. Highly recommended!

Beth Ryland

I have worked with Matt and his team on a number of occasions when the couples I’ve worked with in counseling have decided to go their separate ways. Matt is a great attorney and I feel comfortable with his “do no harm” approach to divorce. I will continue to use him as a resource for my clients.

Christy Phan

I have to say Matt is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever had. He was a great listener and very detailed. Highly recommended to all of you in need of an outstanding lawyer.

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