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Feb 24 2023

When Is It Time to Get a Divorce?

If you are on the fence regarding divorce, it’s likely time to do some serious soul-searching and reach out for the help you need – to determine if saving your marriage may be a better route. There are, however, some circumstances that clearly indicate it’s time to get a divorce, and if this is the difficult situation you’re in, it’s also time to consult with an experienced Minnesota divorce attorney

Signs it Might be Time to Seek a Divorce

You and your spouse are the only experts on your marriage, which means that the decision of whether or not to get a divorce is entirely up to the two of you. This said, however, there are several tell-tale signs that are generally indicative of needing a divorce, including:

  • Your spouse treats you disrespectfully or is mean to you generally and is not interested in putting any effort into giving up this ugly habit.
  • You feel lonely in your marriage. 
  • You feel unheard by your spouse.
  • You are wary of your spouse.
  • Your thoughts often drift toward how badly you want out of your marriage. 
  • You fantasize about divorce. 
  • You’ve created an online window into your marriage and home life that has no basis in reality.
  • You no longer feel like you are part of a team – you and your spouse may have even become competitors.
  • You have reservations about how your relationship with your spouse is affecting your children.
  • You aren’t comfortable inviting guests into your home.
  • You and your spouse argue more often than not.
  • The situation at home is negatively affecting your ability to parent or do your job.
  • No amount of counseling or marriage therapy has helped, or your spouse refuses to entertain the idea of getting help. 

Your Closeness to the Situation

We get used to living our lives the way they are, and maintaining the status quo tends to be the easiest path forward. Gaining perspective from the inside can be difficult, but reaching out to discuss your feelings and thoughts with a therapist, clergy member, or confidant can help. And if trusted friends or family members have come to you enquiring about the state of your marriage and your own well-being in relation to it, it’s likely a sign that it’s time to take the matter of divorce more seriously.

A Note about Domestic Violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence or your spouse has neglected or abused your children, it’s a clear sign that you need immediate help. Getting yourself and your children out of a potentially dangerous situation is paramount, and failing to seek protection prior to pursuing a divorce can prove exceptionally risky. A knowledgeable Minnesota divorce attorney with extensive experience helping victims of domestic violence obtain the support they need can help. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Minnesota Divorce Attorney Today

If it’s time to address the elephant in the room – divorce – the practiced Minnesota divorce attorneys at Atticus Family Law are on your side and have the compassion, experience, and insight to help. Learn more by contacting us today.

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