What are some resources that parents can use when developing a parenting time schedule?

Parents may agree to use a neutral third party to help them discuss and develop their parenting time schedule or to make changes to an existing parenting time schedule. Parents may use professionals or non-professionals to assist them. One resource for additional information about neutral third parties is the Judicial Branch Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) website. Parents may also want to visit the Judicial Branch Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) website. Other resources may be available in your community.

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Q: What is the difference between a “parenting plan” and a “parenting time schedule”?

A: A parenting time schedule and a parenting plan are not the same thing. In Minnesota, the rights and responsibilities of each parent may be set forth in either a custody order or a parenting plan, but not both. Custody orders and parenting plans are governed by different statutes and have different requirements. However, every custody order and every parenting plan must contain a parenting time schedule.

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How to Create a Parenting Time Schedule with Children of Different Ages

When there is more than one child in a family, it is usually beneficial for parents to create one parenting time schedule for all of the children. This is a supportive way to maintain sibling relationships. However, when there are significant age differences between siblings, children may benefit from different parenting time schedules due to their different developmental needs.

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Important Tips about Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic violence is a very complex area of the law.

  • Lawyers who are good at one kind of law are not necessarily good at domestic abuse cases.

  • Most sources of attorney names are not pre-screened for experience in representing victims of domestic violence.

  • The Yellow Pages, most internet sites, and other advertising services often don't include information about which attorneys are knowledgeable in domestic violence.

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What clients look for when they hire Atticus Family Law

Legal Experience.

You’ll go a long way to find a more experienced boutique firm. With over fifteen years in practice, and devoted specifically to Minnesota and Wisconsin family law, we know the ins and outs of the system: we stay up to date with changes and are ready to pour over the details of your case with our expert eyes. Our legal services are second to none. In fact, we’re often called on to provide expert commentary on cases throughout the Minnesota and Wisconsin state areas. To us, that’s the bar of expertise we set, and bring to your case. You can relax — and know that you’re receiving the most experienced, qualified representation you need, along with the individualized attention you deserve (and that only a boutique firm can provide).

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