Will a Divorce Make Me Happy?

Will a Divorce Make Me Happy?

The idea of a divorce leaving you happier – or more satisfied with your life – may strike you as an odd concept, but research suggests that, for many women, it’s true. In fact, men can learn a thing or two from their resilient spouses. If you come to the difficult realization that you need a divorce, but you’re not sure how well you’ll bounce back, statistics are on your side. Because protecting your parental and financial rights throughout the divorce process is paramount, you need an experienced Minnesota divorce attorney in your corner. 

The Research

An in-depth study into divorced couples found that – while the divorce process is, indeed, daunting and can leave women wondering how and if they’ll be able to get through it – most women ultimately find themselves considerably happier post-divorce than they were in their less-than-satisfying marriages. The study involved 10,000 men and women who were followed over a 20-year period. Participants tracked their own level of happiness after specific milestones in their lives, and while men generally recorded feeling somewhat happier post-divorce, women reported a far more significant increase. The distinction is chalked up to their ability to adapt, which serves women well. 

The Ability to Adapt

The ability to adapt in this context relates to the learned coping skills people implement in the face of adverse change. The six primary factors that tend to bolster a woman’s ability to regain happiness post-divorce – according to Divorced Moms – include the following:

  • The inclination to look inward, rather than outward, for answers and protection from emotional pain serves women well – leaving them better prepared to recognize the role they played, to leave the past in the past, and to focus on what comes next.  
  • Women are more willing and more likely to seek the help they need – whether this means seeking professional counseling or opening up to trusted friends. Women are far more likely to grieve their losses, which leaves them better prepared to gain acceptance and achieve closure. 
  • Women are less likely to isolate themselves, while men tend to be less open to sharing. 
  • Women are less likely to turn to emotional crutches, such as casual sex, alcohol, or drugs, as coping mechanisms. By remaining focused on the issues at hand, they’re better prepared to resolve them more effectively and efficiently.
  • Women are not only more open to new experiences but are also more likely to pursue them, including healthy options like making new friends and enjoying new hobbies.
  • Women are more inclined to remain focused on their physical health and well-being during the divorce process, which helps them avoid illness, anxiety, and depression. 

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March 29, 2023

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