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Mar 1 2021

Should I announce my divorce on social media?

We have all seen celebrity social media posts and press releases when a famous couple decides to divorce. While most people do not have a million followers and most announcements won’t be retweeted thousands of times, it is a good idea to give careful consideration before posting a divorce announcement on social media.

From a strategic standpoint it is recommended that people avoid social media during a divorce. Your posts, shares, and photos may all be used in your case and can potentially be used against you. Do not post or share anything you would not want the judge or opposing counsel to see.

While the AFL method is designed to minimize stress and anxiety in a divorce, it it is very easy for emotions to run high. Even the most well-intentioned post can be interpreted in ways you never intended.  Keep in mind that by publicly posting a statement you are inviting responses and giving up privacy. Choosing to post an announcement may reflect your desire to control the narrative, but it is impossible to control others’ reactions.

Additionally, you will need to consider your audience, which may include your family, your friends, and your employer or professional connections. If you have children, think about how this may affect them, both now and in the future. Keep all posts respectful and without blame. If possible, share your ideas with your spouse beforehand so as not to catch them off guard, or consider making a joint statement.

It is best to delay your announcement until the divorce is final. Once the dust has settled, nothing you say will negatively impact your case and you will be ready to move forward in a positive way.

The family law attorneys at Atticus Family Law will create a strategy so you can navigate these confusing situations during your divorce. We help you accomplish your goals by identifying what is most important to you and creating a personalized plan to resolve your legal matter, so you can leave the fear and uncertainty behind and have a future you can be excited about.

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