St Paul Family Law Attorney

St Paul Family Law Attorney

For many couples, a marriage begins happily. Unfortunately for some, these marriages end in divorce. In some cases, these divorces resolve amicably with the two people reaching a satisfactory agreement, or the case can become highly complicated.

While couples don’t plan for divorce, the reality is a life-changing transition that holds significant financial consequences for both people. You need a dedicated St. Paul Family Law attorney to help you navigate this transition in your marriage, finances, and life in general. 

At Atticus Family Law, we exclusively focus our practice on family law matters, including divorce and spousal maintenance cases. Our team of St. Paul family law attorneys is continually growing and building our knowledge in the field of divorce and family law. If you need help with any type of family law issue, you know where to turn, and you should not wait to contact our team directly. 

Why You Need a Family Law Attorney in St. Paul

Our focus is to reach fair settlement agreements in all divorces – however, we do not shy away from litigation when needed, or complex family law matters. We have successfully resolved family law issues for many years. Our attorneys have experienced nearly every situation imaginable in divorce cases, and we’re ready to add your unique family situation to our schedule. We will work alongside you and guide you through the Minnesota family law process.

Together, we can make the best decisions for you and your family when you are divorcing or facing other family-related disputes. We understand you want to feel secure in trusting your sensitive family law matters with us, and we want our clients to feel comfortable discussing what matters most to you and what your desired outcomes look like.

Our St. Paul Family Law Attorney Services

At Atticus Family Law, our focus is resolving family law matters in the best manner possible. We can help you with all issues on the family law spectrum, from divorce to custody to spousal maintenance. Here is a list of many family law services we offer:

  • Divorce and Custody Proceedings
  • Mediations and Evaluations
  • Trials & Evidentiary Hearings
  • Negotiations
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Paternity & Child Support
  • High Net Value Divorces
  • Third-Party and Grandparent Custody

These are complex, time-consuming, and private issues that should be addressed with a St. Paul family law attorney. It’s recommended that you don’t handle these matters on your own because your finances and future are on the line. To seek legal advice from an experienced St. Paul family law attorney, simply reach out to learn more about our team.

Speak With An Experienced St. Paul Family Law Attorney

Atticus Family Law is dedicated to giving your case the individualized attention it deserves. Family law issues can be complex, personal, and very emotional for everyone involved. Trust our team of St. Paul family law attorneys to help you navigate the legal system. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you with even the most complex and challenging scenarios. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation with a dedicated divorce lawyer to get started in securing a fair outcome in your family law case.

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