Q: What is the potential “collateral damage” if a parent has a maltreatment determination on their record?

A maltreatment determination will show up on state/county background checks related to work or license in a variety of fields, including:

1.  Home health aide or health care;

2. Child care;

3. Foster care and adoption

4. Correctional work;

5. Chemical dependency counseling; and

6. Any other position involving direct contact with vulnerable adults or children

Maltreatment that is deemed “serious” or “recurring” will disqualify the person from holding certain jobs, unless the applicant obtains a “set-aside” or “variance” from the state. Impact on teachers, coaches, volunteers, etc.

A maltreatment determination can be introduced into evidence in a family or juvenile court proceeding. However the family law proceeding will present opportunity for the parties to address the validity/invalidity of the prior maltreatment finding.