How Clients Use AFL’s 3-step Plan to Achieve Success

How Clients Use AFL’s 3-step Plan to Achieve Success

The Path Forward is Easy as 1-2-3

While many of our clients understand what they want for the outcome of their case, road to that end may be unclear. The family law system is complex; navigating the process of a divorce, custody, or parenting time dispute often feels overwhelming.

A straightforward plan brings order to stressful situations. Clients feel calmer and more confident knowing there is a clear path forward with a trusted guide by their side.

Atticus Family Law uses a 3-step plan for client success:

  1. We identify what matters most to our clients.

What are their key priorities? What obstacles are in the way? What is keeping them up at night? We want to hear their story.

By taking the time to understand the nuances of each case, we can focus our work on an outcome that will create a successful future for our client and their family.

  1. We create the best plan for each client.

Each situation is unique with its own challenges and opportunities. We perform the necessary legal analysis, then work with the client to craft a customized strategy for their case that addresses both their short-term needs and long-term interests.

Our clients are in control of all decisions made for their case, but these decisions are too important to be made alone. As their guide, clients gain peace of mind from our service guarantee of communicating with our clients so they can make sound decisions for their future.

  1. We work with our clients to execute their plan.

Once the plan is in place, we use our decades of experience to achieve a resolution that leaves them well-positioned to begin the next phase of their life.

At the end of each case, we meet with our client to make sure they have a full understanding of their order, they know best practices for managing the next phase of their life, and they are aware of possible changes that will be needed as circumstances change in the years to come.


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July 20, 2021

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