How does a CHIPS case proceed?

The statutes and rules controlling timelines in CHIPS cases are derived from state and federal law. The expedited nature of the current timelines are designed to prevent “foster care drift,” which is when a child lingers in foster care placement.

The county must design and implement a two-track plan to reunify the child with his/her parent while simultaneously planning for an alternative permanency option. This is called a “concurrent permanency plan”. For example, some foster parents agree to adopt a child when and if she/he becomes legally free for an adoption.

The following timeline is an example of how a case would proceed if it related to a non-Indian child who has been removed from his/her custodial parent’s home:

Day                 Event

1                      Child removed from home

3                      Emergency Protective Care Hearing

3-13                 Admit/Deny Hearing

14-53               Pretrial Hearing

63                    Trial

79                    Findings/Adjudication

79-88               Disposition Hearing

168-178           Disposition Review Hearing

180                  Permanency Progress Review Hearing

258-268           Disposition Review Hearing

335                  Permanency Petition Filed

348                  Disposition Review Hearing

365                  Admit/Deny Hearing on Permanency Petition

455+                90 Day Review