Stages of Development of Children: Additional Considerations for PT Schedules

A Guide to Developmental Considerations at Various Ages and Stages of Development of Children.

Part Ten: Additional Considerations When Creating a Parenting Time Schedule

 In addition to the child development considerations, parents should also consider:

  • each child’s school calendar, location, and start and end times of the school day.

  • each child’s before and after school care arrangements.

  • each child’s care calendar, location, and start and end times.

  • each child’s activities and commitments, such as time with friends, sports teams, and part- time work.

  • each parent’s work schedule and other commitments.

  • how the parenting time schedule impacts the child’s ability to maintain relationships with siblings, other children in each home, relatives, and friends.

  • travel time between parents’ homes, parents’ work places, child’s school, child care, and child’s activities.

  • how the child will get to and from school, child care, and activities.

  • how the parenting time schedule, including travel time, affects a child’s ability to complete homework, have meals, and get enough sleep.