Social Science Update: Is the partner who decides to initiate a divorce more attractive than the partner who does not initiate?

In 2009, social scientists did a study to compare the attractiveness levels of partners in a divorce. The study focused on individuals who initiated the divorce versus those who did not initiate the divorce. The study looked at 580 divorced individuals between the ages of 20 and 60.

The study found that women who want a divorce had many more complaints than men who wanted a divorce. Men and women who initiated divorces thought their partners were more physically and sexually unattractive than those who did not initiate their divorces. Initiators of divorce tended to think their spouses were less intelligent than they were. Finally, none of these complaints arose during the marriages and only became apparent once the divorces were in motion. In contrast, at the start of their relationships the spouses in this study described themselves as quite similar to their former spouses.

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