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May 21 2019

Q: Why do I need a lawyer in a domestic abuse case?

Answer: Over the years in Minnesota and Wisconsin cases we have found litigants in cases with domestic violence need legal counsel in the following circumstances:

  • Legal papers have been served on you

  • An agency has taken (or has threatened to take) your children

  • Confronting an abuser in the courtroom or otherwise is unsafe or intimidating

  • The other side has a lawyer

  • You or the abuser are immigrants or may have immigration-related problems or complications

  • You may face eviction or lose your job because of the actions of the abuser

  • You and the abuser live in separate states or one of you is on a reservation or in the military

  • Your case involves property, financial issues, or child custody

  • The legal issues involved are confusing

  • The legal matter is only one of the difficult issues you have to deal with at this point in time and you need somebody to take it over.

  • Losing would drastically change your life.

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