Divorce Attorneys Roseville

Divorce Attorneys Roseville

Your divorce will be as unique as your marriage was. The terms of your divorce will set the course for your post-divorce life and will delineate your parental rights and your financial rights (as they relate to your marital assets). There’s a lot involved, and the consequences are too significant not to have legal guidance on your side. Seek the professional legal counsel of experienced divorce attorneys in Roseville today. 

The Course of Your Divorce

Ultimately, your divorce will set forth terms that include the following categories:

Those terms for which you and your divorcing spouse see eye to eye or that you are able to negotiate with the skills of your respective divorce attorneys will remain in your control. The court generally accepts terms that are negotiated between divorcing spouses. If one or more terms remain undecided, however, the court will make the necessary decisions on your behalf. 

Exploring Negotiation Options

You and your divorcing spouse are not required to reach an absolute agreement on every term that needs to be resolved on your own. In fact, the stress inherent to divorce tends to make this unlikely. You do, however, have options that include:

  • You and your divorcing spouse can seek mutually acceptable compromises between yourselves. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that because these terms are so critical and because you may not be fully aware of all the implications involved in your decisions, it’s always a good idea to involve your seasoned divorce attorney in this process. 
  • Many divorcing couples find that – once they hit an impasse (and sometimes before) – they are simply incapable of successfully negotiating with one another, and this is understandable. You are facing the dissolution of your marriage, and it’s only natural for emotions to run high. Your respective divorce attorneys, however, can negotiate with one another on behalf of your best interests and favorable divorce terms. 
  • If unresolved terms remain after your good faith negotiation efforts fail, mediation remains a viable option. At mediation, a professional mediator – who is paid by both of you and is a neutral third-party – will help you explore compromises that you may both be willing to accept. Often mediation is about facing what the court is likely to order and about negotiating in accordance with your priorities (those matters on which you are willing to budge and those that you are not). 

If your spouse is simply not willing to negotiate on principle, mediation is unlikely to be effective, and your only option may be going to court.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys in Roseville Can Help

Divorce represents such a significant transition in you and your children’s lives that it’s important to have skilled legal counsel in your corner. The divorce attorneys at Atticus Family Law in Roseville have the experience, drive, and legal savvy to help protect your financial and parental rights now and into your family’s future. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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