Duluth Parenting Time Attorney

Duluth Parenting Time Attorney

If you are facing issues related to parenting time, you’re going through a difficult experience, but a dedicated Duluth parenting time attorney can help. Parenting time refers to the time that you have with your children, and as such, it’s of paramount concern in any divorce (or any modification situation). An experienced Duluth parenting time attorney will help you better understand your options and better understand how best to proceed. 

The Path Forward

If you and your ex or soon-to-be-ex simply cannot find common ground regarding your parenting time arrangements (even with your respective parenting time attorneys’ involvement), the court will need to intervene and make these important decisions for you, which is obviously unnerving. No one knows your children’s needs, strengths, and challenges better than you do, and it’s very difficult to cede your decision-making power to a judge who really doesn’t know your children at all. It’s important to take heart, however. Your skilled parenting time attorney will help compile your strongest case in support of your parenting time goals. 

The Court’s Task

If the matter of your parenting time is going before the court, it’s important to note that its decisions will not be made capriciously. Nor will they be made without putting careful consideration into the matter. The court is always guided by the best interests of the children involved, and it is you and your attorney’s job to help the presiding judge better understand what this means for your children. 

The court will take all of the following factors under careful consideration in making its parenting time determinations:

  • Your children’s unique needs, including their physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs
  • Whether any of your children have special needs that require special attention
  • The physical and mental health of both you and your ex
  • The degree to which each of you has participated in raising your children (so far)
  • You and your ex’s relative willingness and ability to care for your shared children
  • The relative merits and challenges of a proposed parenting plan (regarding your children’s ongoing relationships with their other parent, their siblings, and members of their extended family)
  • The relative merits of maximizing both parents’ parenting time
  • You and your ex’s relative willingness and ability to foster your shared children’s warm, loving relationship with the other 
  • You and your ex’s relative willingness and ability to cooperate with one another regarding your shared responsibility to raise your children to adulthood
  • Each child’s expressed reasonable preference related to parenting time arrangements (if deemed mature enough to voice an opinion)
  • Whether or not domestic abuse played a role in your marriage
  • Whether either of you suffers from substance abuse in any form

It seems like a lot because it is a complicated matter, and Minnesota courts take this responsibility very seriously.

Discuss Your Concerns with an Experienced Duluth Parenting Time Attorney Today

If you’re facing a concern related to parenting time, it’s critical. The dedicated Duluth parenting time attorneys at Atticus Family Law understand how difficult this is and have the experience, focus, and compassion to help. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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