Edina Parenting Time Attorney

Edina Parenting Time Attorney

Edina Parenting Time Attorney

If you are facing a divorce that involves children, an important component is naturally the issue of parenting time. Parenting time (often referred to as physical custody) refers to the schedule by which your children will split their time between both you and their other parent. Parenting time is a foundational element of your parental rights, which makes it exceptionally important. If you are facing a parenting time concern, consulting with an experienced Edina parenting time attorney is well advised. 

Parenting Time Modifications

In addition to divorce, parenting time issues often arise in relation to children’s evolving needs (as they continue to mature) and/or to their parents’ own evolving time constraints (as they move forward in their careers, for example). The parenting time schedule that worked so well when your children were young can be rendered obsolete over time. For example, as the following milestones pile up, parenting time modifications are often in order:

  • Your child becomes involved in sports or other activities that leave him or her increasingly busy 
  • Your child learns to drive
  • Your child obtains a part-time job
  • Your child’s schedule becomes too busy for him or her to traipse back and forth between households

Parenting time modifications are intended to address you and your children’s evolving circumstances. 

The Court’s Philosophy

Every decision that the court makes regarding children, including parenting time, is based on their best interests. Because children are generally believed to be better off when they are able to continue bonding meaningfully with both parents, the court will not deny a parent parenting time unless there is a compelling reason for doing so. 

Parenting Time Schedules

The courts tend to issue standard parenting time schedules that generally fail to take each divorcing family’s unique needs into account. If you and your divorcing spouse are able to agree upon mutually acceptable parenting time terms, you can devise a parenting time schedule that addresses you, your soon-to-be-ex, and your children’s respective schedules, and the court is almost certain to sign off on it. 

Negotiation Options

You and your divorcing spouse do not have to be of one mind when it comes to your parenting-time decisions. In fact, divorcing couples rarely are. When it comes to negotiating these important terms, you have options. If you’re unable to come to a meeting of the minds between yourselves (with your respective parenting time attorneys’ professional legal counsel), your attorneys can negotiate with one another on behalf of each of your best interests. Further, there are alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options, such as mediation, available. 

Turn to an Experienced Edina Parenting Time Attorney

Concerns related to parenting time are some of the most difficult matters divorcing parents face. The well-respected Edina parenting time attorneys at Atticus Family Law have a wealth of experience helping clients like you successfully navigate the often-rocky path forward toward favorable resolutions to these important issues. Our dedicated legal team is here for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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