Family Law Attorneys in Edina

Family Law Attorneys in Edina

Family Law Attorneys in Edina

Family law involves sensitive and personal issues. Whether you are pursuing your rights to custody of your children, considering a divorce, or desiring to increase the child support you receive, we are here to help. Our family law attorneys in Edina are compassionate and desire to make this challenging time of life, less overwhelming for you and your family. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals in divorce, child custody, and many other issues in family law. 

Legal Issues We Handle 

At Atticus Family Law, our family law attorneys in Edina are knowledgeable and experienced in successfully resolving multiple types of issues. From a simple no-contest divorce to complex high-wage-earner divorce, and everything in between. We can represent you if you and your spouse have an amicable relationship or even if you can’t come to any agreements and are not speaking. Instead of dabbling in many areas of the law, we only represent family law clients. By narrowing our focus, we can genuinely assist you with our in-depth experience. Our family law practice areas include:

The Importance of a Family Law Attorney

Depending on your lifestyle, family structure, and your goals for your divorce or other legal matters impacting your family, there is a lot on the line. In a typical divorce with children, the following issues need to be worked out:

  • Asset and debt division
  • Alimony or spousal maintenance
  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation

For many couples seeking a dissolution of their marriage, these are emotionally-charged issues that are difficult to negotiate. However, a lack of negotiation can drag your divorce out even longer and be more expensive. Knowing this, our family law attorneys in Edina work to make negotiations easier while still protecting and advocating for your interests. Sometimes divorcing spouses are not able to reach agreements, and if need be, we will take your requests before a judge.

How Family Law Attorneys in Edina Can Help

Our family law attorneys in Edina can help in several different ways. They can be a go-between for you and your spouse, help you account for marital assets and debt, provide information about property division laws in Minnesota, devise a debt repayment plan, negotiate spousal support and child custody, prepare and file your divorce papers, and provide emotional support and guidance. They can also assist with modifying child support or child custody orders. No matter what family legal issue you encounter, help from a trusted legal team is invaluable. 

Meet with Our Family Law Attorneys in Edina

Don’t risk your financial or family future by trying to represent yourself in your divorce or by not hiring Atticus Family Law for your family’s legal needs. We limit the number of clients we serve at one time so that we can provide you with the time and attention you deserve.  

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