Client Guides

Client Guides

Through the lens of compassionate mindfulness, divorce becomes an opportunity for self-discovery and gentle transformation, guiding us towards a place of inner peace and acceptance. Atticus Family Law has developed these resources exclusively for our clients.

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Supporting Your Journey with Mindfulness

Tara, our Client Coach at Atticus Family Law, introduces exclusive resources designed with care for our clients. These tools are built to uplift moods, refine communication, and nurture self-awareness, guiding you through your legal journey with compassion. Let Atticus Family Law be your partner in transformation.

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Exclusive Client Guides

Change Your Mental State


Feeling some kind of “bad” and want to feel better? Try these tips: Simply moving to another room or going outside can shift your focus and help you manage your mood.

Getting the Respect you Deserve


As humans, we learn to navigate our relationships based on experience. As relationships develop over time, certain “rules” emerge, and when a relationship changes, the rules change too.

Tips and Tools for Ex-Communication


Communicating after a separation or divorce is hard because the paradigm has shifted dramatically since the romantic relationship was intact. It’s easy to cross boundaries without knowing it.

Values Exercise


Values help us define our lives and ways of being in the world. Values can motivate us and give us direction.

Your Best Self


Reflecting on who you are at your best will help you keep decisions and actions aligned throughout the legal process.


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10 things you need to secure in your divorce plus crucial questions to choose an attorney. Critical points such as:

  • Decisions about the children’s future and parenting time.
  • Responsibility for spouse’s debt and spending.
  • Separation of assets and income.
  • Who will work on my case?
  • How long will it all take?
  • How will you accomplish my goals?
  • How much will it cost and what do the fees include?

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