Gray Divorce – the rising statistic

Gray Divorce – the rising statistic

The overall divorce rate across the country has gone down over the past several of decades; this was primarily due to fewer couples getting married as opposed to a reduced frequency of divorce.

There is however one demographic of married persons who are legally ending their marriages more than ever before: married people 50 years of age and older.

Referred to as “gray divorce,” many of these divorces happen after children leave the home and the ties that held a marriage together are seen in a new light. Some believe this increasing trend is attributable to the economy: more couples may be emerging from the thaw of the Great Recession and decide that they can afford to untie the knot.

Gray divorces are not easy. Even without the issues of custody, parenting time, and child support, a gray divorce can be complicated.  There are a lot more assets to divide, a lot more history, and a lot more intermingling with everything. Spousal support is likely a concern as many of these couples have been married for more than ten years. Adult children take sides and influence their parents and discussions. And divorcees in their sixties have to dovetail the divorce negotiation with retirement planning.

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March 19, 2016

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