How soon can I hold my Ex in Contempt of Court?

How soon can I hold my Ex in Contempt of Court?

To file a contempt action the following steps are needed:

  • Draft the Motion, the Affidavit, Order to Show Cause (OTSC), and a proposed Order along with compiling/attaching any attachments
  • Secure a hearing date before the District Court Judge
  • File all of the documents
  • Wait for the judge to sign the OTSC
  • Collect the OTSC from Court Administration and have it served on other party by Deputy Sheriff or private process server
  • Wait for the hearing
  • Attend the hearing.

As you can see in the above chronology, the hearing date to have the matter heard by the judge is many weeks from when the contempt action is started. It needs to be far enough out in time to account for the court’s time to sign the OTSC, the time to serve OTSC at least 14 days before the hearing.

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March 05, 2016

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