When establishing parenting time transitions, parents should consider that transitions:

  • may occur directly between parents or a parent and another person with whom the child is comfortable.

  • from one parent to the other may not be appropriate in situations with concerns about a parent’s safety.

  •  may occur directly from one parent to the other at either parent’s home. When transitions occur at a parent’s home, parents should consider whether it is will create a smoother transition for the child if the child is picked up by the parent starting their parenting time or dropped off by the parent ending their parenting time.

  •  may include a parent walking the child to the door

  • may include the child walking to the door by themselves while the parent waits until the child enters the other parent’s home.

  • may occur at the child’s daycare or school, a public location, or another location midway between the parents’ homes or work places for safety or convenience.

  • typically involve the exchange of children’s belongings, including clothing, toys, security items, sports equipment, musical instruments, and electronic devices.

  •  Parents may want to minimize the number of transitions per week for older children or have more frequent transitions for younger children.